Sunday, November 04, 2007

New Website Launched

I hope you won't mind a departure from business as usual today but I'm excited! After agonizing, writing, rewriting and trashing a number of websites I finally launched the new site. It's funny how procrastination often leads back to the road of simplicity. I had toyed with complexities that I never would have been able to manage, flash images and flying objects but in the end decided on a simple, clean Web 2.0 design. The whole website experience reminded me of a few valuable lessons that I'd like to share.

Do not be paralyzed by perfection. So often we're so focused on perfection that we lose sight of the big picture - getting it done. There are times that perfection is required (like in plastic surgery) but there are other times when good enough is really good enough. Spend your time and resources accordingly and saved yourself some anxiety in the process.

Good help is to be celebrated. Greg Ogorek, of Global Internet Services ( was just the kick in the rear I needed. His expert guidance made the process so easy. I had tried and failed to accomplish this on my own for 10 months, but one good expert was exactly what was needed.

Just do it already. Sometimes we just need to take action. I was so afraid of doing, writing, designing the wrong thing that I had my cruddy old site up for almost a year. As a result I never promoted it or made it work for me. So, I'm taking my own advice and just doing it.

So, please check out the new site at I will be adding new resources throughout the year and always sharing with you what I learn from my failures and successes.

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Hi Karen!
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