Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Musings

Super Bowl XXXXII is now history. The New York Giants ramped up a 17-14 win over the Pats, spoiling their perfect season.

The Pats played a perfect season and still lost the championship. And this year’s champs will suit up next season and none of this will matter.

Business owners and athletes have much in common. Running a business requires intense focus and dedication. You can’t just show up on game day and expect to win. You must practice, prepare and do the work day in and day out.

Like athletes we have W's and L’s in our column totals but every game stands alone. We know that our record has historical validity but we don’t allow it to dictate our continued pursuit of absolute excellence.

The Pats will feel the sting of their loss for some time to come. But they will use that loss to fuel their drive when they suit up next season. The Giants will ride the waves of celebration and savor their remarkable feat. They too will find motivation in their victory when they suit up to try to do it all over again next season.

For the business owner, well, we play everyday as if it’s the Super Bowl. And we all hope to take home that trophy year after year.


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