Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hurray It's Spring!

After what seemed like an unending winter, Spring has finally arrived - hurray! I must admit that even I, lover of all seasons, grew weary of boots, heavy coats, gloves, and that doggone salt everywhere! It is a lovely 59 degrees here in the Midwest, birds are singing, children are playing outside, mothers are pushing baby strollers. Oh glorious day! I think that what I truly love about Spring, is not just the warmer temperature but the rebirth that it signals. Winter tends to be dark and cold, and sometimes lonely. Spring reminds us that the light does shine again. Spring is a time to throw open the windows and clear out the clutter in our homes and within our selves. Spring is a time when dreams really do seem possible, and hope is renewed. We watch birds returning from their winter retreat, plants and flowers begin to bloom, and the dark winter skies become a distant memory. The days are longer and the nights are shorter. We survived another winter, and this is our reward, our time of celebration. For some, winter truly may have been a dark time. There are those that may have lost a job, or a loved one. Perhaps a cherished relationship came to an end, or you faced a medical crisis. I've lived through many dark times as well, but today, be encouraged that winter does not last. Spring always comes, it never fails. Your rebirth shall come too.

Love and sunshine,


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