Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Richest Nation

In viewing a Nightline report last night, I was once again reminded how blessed I am to live in this nation. The Nightline report dealt with the crisis situation in Niger. I watched in horror as the BBC reporter spoke with families that are literally starving to death. I wanted to turn away, yet could not, as images of starving children filled my TV screen. People lay dying because there is no food and no water. Some of the villagers found rats to eat, and so were able to have a meal. When a bit of help did arrive, starving people had to hike 6 miles to get food, and there was not enough for everyone, only the most critical were allowed food. My eyes flooded with tears as I watched.

I too have had days of need but I have never known starvation. Yes, I have been hungry and without food, but I live in a country where at the very least I can get a meal. In America we make provision for the needy. We have shelters, and food banks so that no one has to starve to death. I was humbled as I watched people in far dire circumstances than I shall ever experience. This is a tough time for me, and my refrigerator is empty but my situation is 1000 times better than the people of Niger. I do not take joy in their misery. My heart aches for them and I pray that the richer nations of the world will not only help in this crisis but make provision for ongoing help for those that are less fortunate. If you are reading this today, I urge you to make it your personal mission to not only count your blessings, but share them. Whatever you lack, there is someone who has even less.

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