Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Merry Christmas?

Once upon a time I really loved Christmas, alas that time has come and gone. Rather than a time of peace on earth and joy, Christmas has become a time of higher crime rates, depression, major stress and general nastiness. Gifts are no longer given out of joy but out of a forced sense of obligation, so we get things we don't want and buy things we cannot afford and then we regift. Children are overindulged (yeah, I said it, go ahead throw tomatoes at your pc), and stressed out parents strive every year for the bigger better toy, decoration and celebration. Does anyone out there actually still enjoy this holiday?

We have even gone over the top in our "all inclusive" policy. We no longer want to call it Christmas but simply a "holiday." Hey, why not desecrate Hannukah while we're at it. Christmas is what it is - a time when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. Don't like it, don't believe it, don't celebrate it!

Now, while I may sound like a sour sport, I'm really not. I long for the Christmas of past, simple celebrations that honored the Christ child. A celebration of the victory and triumph that Christmas represents. A time when families came together in remembrance. A time when gifts were simply given from the heart. A time when we remembered to reach out to those that are in need.

Perhaps we would all benefit by even taking it down a notch or two, spending less and loving more, receiving less and giving more. I have personally found no greater joy than giving to others, and that joy is expanded when the recipient is someone in need.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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