Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Dad Dot Com

My 76 year old father has developed a sudden fascination with the net, not in using it mind you but in having others use it for him. My Dad does not own a computer, and seems to have no interest in acquiring one but over the past several weeks he has gone out of his way to ensure that all of his transactions are handled via the net. Last week he drove 15 miles to my niece's house to have her send an email on his behalf. Why didn't he just pick up the phone to ask my niece to send the email? It's a mystery to us all and we have learned not to ask too many questions of a 76 year old man! A few days later, he called me and asked me to RSVP to a wedding via email. Of course it took three phone calls for him to decipher and tell me the email address (aha, perhaps that explains the 15 mile drive!) but we were finally able to get it done. I have no idea why he didn't check the little box and drop it in the mail, or even call for pete's sake. He just seemed mighty determined to use the technology that the bride and groom had offered! Today, I get a call from my Dad asking if I was really, really busy. Uh, I write for a living Dad, am I ever too busy for distractions? When I avoid a direct answer (I'm not letting on that I was procrastinating on an assignment by reading about Lindsay Lohan) and say calmly "What's up Dad? What do you need?" he answers, I need you to cancel an appointment. Well, yes this I can do! "Sure Dad, do you have the number?" Silly me, I still pick up the phone to make appointments. My Dad replies, its Henry Ford dot com. Uh, okay Dad. So I log on to the site and he recites his medical number. "Dad who is the appoinment with?" "It's with the hearing aid people." (Gee, thanks Dad I'm sure there's only one audiologist there). I input his name and birthdate and then ask "Dad who's your doctor?" Does he know? Of course not, but darnit he knows Henry Ford dot com! Okay, I type Audiology and hope that combined with his name and birthdate they'll figure it out. Surely, they'll figure it out when he doesn't show up! Okay, Dad it's done. He excitedly says "Thank you Baby!" tells me good-bye and is off to who knows what adventure. Can online shopping be far behind?

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