Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ease On Down the Road

by Karen D. Swim

All this month we've been talking about moving forward. Last night as I reviewed the events of the day I found myself singing "Ease on Down the Road" from The Wiz. I have not thought of or heard the song in a number of years but it is a happy song and a great road tune.

Unlike the characters in the Wiz, at the end of our road there is something far better than the Wizard. Put on your dancing shoes or if you're like Brett Legree, go barefoot and sing along as you dance on down the road to your destiny!

Do you have a song that gets you moving down the road?


Brett Legree said...

Hi Karen,

What a great post to get a conversation going!

Well, a few people know I listen to strange Viking music, so I won't list that here. What gets me going in the morning, in the car?

Hard trance music from Europe. A couple of my favourites are "The Truth" by Cosmic Gate, and "See The Light" by DuMonde.

Really good in the car!

Or when running barefoot :)

Thanks for the shout out today - Brett

Words For Hire said...

Hi Brett! The Viking music sounds interesting. I like European music too and will have a listen at these songs. Isn't it funny how we really do specifically choose music for the car? Rock on kilt man!

Brett Legree said...

Wonder Woman!

You should be able to find a video for "The Truth" on YouTube (not sure about "See the Light" though, but you never know!)

Thanks for the chat last night - good things are in store for us. Can and will!


Words For Hire said...

@ Brett can and will, two great words to live by! It's fun dancing down the yellow brick road with the team you've assembled. Next time, we have to get Friar a chair. :-)

Brett Legree said...


It sure is fun, isn't it - and it looks like this team will do great things :)

Yes, I must make sure not to put the Friar on a rickety chair next time (I'm sure my cat would have broken it...)


Jamie Grove - How Not To Write said...

Sympathy for the Devil. That one always gets me going.

Fat Boy Slim's That Old Pair of Jeans.

Anything off the Beastie Boys Sabotage, especially the instrumentals.

Charlie Parker.

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