Friday, June 06, 2008

Be Unstoppable!

by Karen D. Swim

IMG5It was one of those days. My cell phone began ringing during my yoga workout interrupting my desperate attempt at achieving balance and peace. Each call brought news that tightened my body into knots of tension - car problems, client problems, lost invoices - and so on and so on. At this rate, I would need a boxing workout with a sparring partner to get back on track!

I managed to regain a sense of calm but the entire day unfolded like a conspiracy to drive me insane. At 7:30 pm I threw in the towel and half collapsed on the couch. I was exhausted, my neck hurt, and my hair looked funny but I was calling it a day. I mindlessly flipped through a magazine, my eyes too tired to even focus on the text. I flipped a page and saw bold black letters set against a gray background that read UNSTOPPABLE. I sat up and simply stared believing the message was meant just for me. Today, I felt far from unstoppable. I looked and felt like a train wreck but somehow the words had penetrated and got me thinking.

There are days when I do feel unstoppable. At times it begins with an external event, such as a great run or workout, a client project that went well, a trip to the hair salon or those shoes that make you feel like a million bucks that triggers internal feelings of absolute fierceness.

As I read the word, it ignited my desire to be unstoppable every day. I want to be a force for change in my own life. Hand me that cape because I am going to conquer the world! wonderwoman3

Challenges, distractions and annoyances should not change the course of your day or focus. Rather those things should come up against the impenetrable force field of your positive power and disintegrate at your feet. Bad hair days, broken cars, checks that really are not in the mail are no match for the unstoppable man or woman. We are fierce, and we are unstoppable!

What are your tips for being unstoppable? Speak your mind in the comments.


ellen wilson said...

Man, those days are just nasty, aren't they? Well, with the nasty heatwave we are having here in Michigan, it's no wonder your hair will look funny! I usually put mine in a clip.

Yes, I feel greedy and I wish all my days would be good and I would have no strife and I would get famous and Oprah would love me.

I know that is unrealistic fantisized silliness. But you're right, it starts with our attitude. And hard work.

You are attitude Angelic! Thanks for everything you do, Karen. I am greatful.

And have a great weekend and recharge yourself! E

Janice C. Cartier said...

I love your writing , but I love this post especially. You said it there. Some days are just like that aren't they? I have to remind myself, okay are you going to let this thing stop you? Is a phone call going to stop you? Another rejection? Not mailing another submission off? Are you going to let one pitiful thing be the thing that got in your way? Thank you for having a horrid morning and turning it around for us. You go girl.
All best, Janice

Nadine Touzet said...

Your day sounds like a day I had earlier this week. But I survived, and you survived too, and learned something from it.

We can't be unstoppable every single day of our lives, because so many factors come into play, most of them beyond your control, yet the important thing is to know that we will get to the other side, because there are better, brighter days to come.

In the evening of one such bad day, I wrote a list of every item that had seriously annoyed me (12 items!), then for each one of them, I wrote down the reason why I was annoyed, what I could do/have done about it (if possible), and marked those that were essential for me to solve. Then I felt much better. The feeling of depression had gone, and I had an actionable list.

Have a great weekend Karen, you deserve it!

Words For Hire said...

@E,ROFL! I am still bugged my hair, I need hairapy but my A/C is working again -whoo hoo and life always looks pretty darn good on a Friday! I wish all of those things for you too, and believe that they are in store!

@Janice, *big stupid grin* you rock! I felt a burst of energy reading your comment. I so appreciate the encouragement and always love it when you visit. Pull up a chair want a cold lemonade? :)

@Nadine, wow, that is excellent advice! You took control of the situation and made a plan - that is truly the mark of someone with a success mindset. What a great idea for all of us. Thanks for sharing that Nadine.

I hope you all have a great, stress free weekend! All of you are such a great inspiration and source of joy for me. I always feel surrounded by friends here. Thanks for that! :-)

ellen wilson said...

I hope this huge storm complex missed you. A huge limb fell in our driveway, and we had to chainsaw it to get the cars out!

You just never know what's going to happen.

Brett Legree said...

You truly are unstoppable, Wonder Woman.

On these kind of days, I often think of the line from Macbeth:

"Come what come may, time and the hour runs through the roughest day."

That has carried me through quite a few days.

(I always conveniently forget the part about what happens to Macbeth at the end of that day!)

And just keep remembering, can and will.


Words For Hire said...

Hello my kilted wonder friend! You never fail to inspire and encourage me! Ha! I like the Shakespeare line and I love your thinking! I am often inspired by such lines and always block out a bad income. Hee,hee,hee, we can find inspiration in anything my friend. Niebu!

Joanna said...

Hi Karen, I'm sorry I read this at the end of Friday and wanted to comment but was just too blogged out.

You are unstoppable, most definitely!

I thought you might enjoy reading this piece that Rosa wrote during the week about the lesson of the ohipi. I think it might resonate with what you're talking about here :-)


Words For Hire said...

Joanna, thank you so much for stopping in and for sharing Rosa's post. I just left there and it was exactly what I needed to hear today! I know what you mean about being blogged out. It is not easy to keep up and we have to be kind to ourselves and not feel guilty. Friends understand. :-)


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