Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Take a Laugh Break

by Karen D. Swim

When was the last time you laughed so hard your tummy ached and tears flowed from your eyes? If your answer is "today" good for you! However, if it's been a few days or even a few months, then I invite you to share a laugh with me today.

Unlike children, adults do not routinely collapse in giggles. Allow me to share a few logical reasons you should laugh well and laugh often. Many studies show that laughter has positive health benefits. Laughing:

  • reduces stress
  • lowers your blood pressure
  • elevates your mood
  • boosts the immune system
  • improves brain functioning
  • protects the heart
  • connects you to others

and a good laugh has been shown to have aerobic benefits equivalent to 10 minutes on a rowing machine.

Laughter is great medicine and best of all it is free and accessible to all, so go ahead and have a good laugh today and everyday.

What tickles your funny bone? Have you found yourself laughing less lately? What can you do to add humor to your life? Let's share a giggle or two in the comments.


Anonymous said...

The best laughter is the forbidden kind...when you're not supposed to laugh (like at work, etc.)

Once upon a Christmas Eve, our family was in church. There was the "Huron Christmas Carol", where the little kids sang about the "Gitchee Manitou".

It was so GAY, I couldn't stand it.

My brother and I had a giggle fit, every time they sang the words "Gitchee Manitou".

My Dad was LIVID and glared at us.

But every time I was on the verge of controlling myself, my brother would look at me, and say "The Gitchee Manitou is coming to get you".

I'd almost pop my eyes out, trying not to laugh. That would set me going again. I think I almost pissed my pants. And poor Dad almost burst a blood vessel.

To this day, it was the best Christmas Mass I had ever been to.

You'd think this happened when we were kids.

But no. My brother and I were in our 20's at the time.

- Friar.

Steph VanderMeulen said...

Ahahahahaha! Friar! You kill me. I had a laughing fit at mass once too. Only it was the Easter Vigil service and we were all holding candles. My youngest sister, sitting on my mom's lap, accidentally set fire to the woman's hair in front of us. I don't think I've ever snorted aloud in mass before! The first time ever was at my little sister's baptism. My uncle is a priest and he lifted my sister on high just about to say a blessing and, as if on cue, I promptly farted aloud. By accident of course. Everyone stopped and all eyes were on me. My cousin burst into hysterical laughter. Oh, I'm howling as I write this! It was SO funny. I cannot be mature about these kinds of things. My cousin and I couldn't stop laughing for hours after. That was almost thirty years ago and we still guffaw about it today!

Jaden @ Screenwriting for Hollywood said...

Laughter and ...

They say laughter is a release of tension.

Words For Hire said...

ROFL!! Friar, Steph and Jaden you guys are a riot! Friar, I think you're right it is the situations that are supposed to be serious that crack us up the most! I was an usher at my old church and I had to all the way up the the front of the church to go through doors that led to the admin area to fetch something. The doors were to the left of the pulpit. I had lost weight and my slip was loose. I thought the doors had safely closed behind me so I grabbed hold of both sides of my slip and skooched it up as I kind of wiggled up the stairs. Much to my horror, half of the church had witnessed my butt wiggle and dissolved into laughter.

Kay Martin said...

Best laughter is among friends or family where you truly connect. I've found when I am safe among those folks that even written jokes read aloud can conjure up such remembrances and laughter than we LIFE one another.

By the way...thanks for your site and the laughter you have given me today. Well done.

Kay of SC

Robyn McMaster said...

Karen, esterday, as I was trying to help install a backyard pondscape, I tipped over a whole wheelbarrow load of gravel. Best part is that once I got it up and going the second time it tipped again... Now there's a real lesson in that. But laughing at yourself's a great starter!

jamiegrove said...

Oh I live such a dour life there's hardly any room for a chuckle let alone a laugh. I'm dark and serious, brooding, just like Batman.

Words For Hire said...

@Kay, ah just reading what you wrote makes me feel good. You are so right laughter of shared memories with those you just doesn't get any better! Thanks Kay for stopping in and the lovely comment! :)

@Robyn, LOL! I have a visual in my head that is hysterical. I think learning to laugh ourselves is definitely a great way to approach the rest of the world with joy.

@Jamie, only you could have found this video! ROFL! You never fail to make me laugh or smile. :-) Niebu my friend!

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