Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hot Trends - Facebook

Well, I finally did it. I took a leap into the social media network and joined Facebook. Moving from observer to participant was actually easier than I anticipated. In the past I simply had not bothered because I did not clearly see how it would help business.

It took one conversation with a search expert to sort it out for me. In a friendly conversation with Jon Rognerud of Microsaw, he enlightened me on the value of Facebook. Jon is nothing short of an expert in the search field. He is the first person who made search understandable for the "common folk" and I trust his advice.

Jon shared an Alexa Movers and Shakers graphic with me via skype that convinced me that this Facebook thing was indeed worth a try. The numbers indicated that in a short period of time Facebook has driven an impressive amount of traffic.

As search traffic grows more competitive and adwords cost prohibitive for many website owners, social media becomes a more interesting platform. And quite frankly one that makes sense. Social media provides an opportunity for you to engage your audience. I realize that in marketing on or off line there is no magic bullet but I'm interested to see how the social space evolves and how I can use it to drive business.

Are you using social media for business marketing? I'd love to hear about your experiences. And if you're a Facebook user look me up and add me as a friend.

Happy Networking!


Joanna said...

Hi Karen, you'll enjoy social networking for sure. Facebook is a bit of a strange creature, I have a page there and there are times it's useful - for people to get in touch with me or me them, but by and large I'd say I don't go into it much. This may be a good thing - not a time waster - but part of the reason is that there's so much nonsense generating notifications about weird applications that people are inviting you to use...

Anyway, lots more besides Facebook, there's StumbleUpon which is a great way to get connected, and Twitter which is looking like it might be totally addictive...

BTW you can add a link to your profile to your site (or this post) so Facebook users can find you more easily.

Like this one (mine)

Best wishes Joanna

Words For Hire said...

Joanna, thanks for the great tips! I'm now stumbling, digging and twittering. ;-)


Anonymous said...

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