Monday, June 23, 2008

Belief + Preparation = You Taking the World by Storm

Written by Karen D. Swim


Actress, comedienne, and author Mo'Nique exudes confidence. She has overcome barriers and created her own reality in a town where that is not easy to do.

So, it should come as no surprise that while mindlessly flipping channels I stopped to hear her share the secret to her success. I expected to listen in for a few minutes but finger on the remote I sat transfixed for the next half hour rapt with attention.

I feasted on the meal of her wisdom and now I'd like to share a few morsels with you.

Belief + preparation = any d*** thing you want!

Talent is meaningless without belief and preparation. There are many great novels tucked away in bottom drawers, canvases shoved into the corner of basements and songs never heard all by people with tremendous talent. When you believe that you deserve success, you will prepare for it. In fact you will prepare relentlessly knowing that you will make it. And when that break comes, you will be happy but not surprised because you believed.

My big break came not when the big deal came but when I decided it was my big break.

The book deal, promotion, award, appearance on Oprah, and huge check are not what will define your success. Your success begins within, when you decide you are worthy enough to have it.

When they speak of me of course I want them to say, she was funny, or she was a great actress but most importantly I want them to say I stood for something.

Fame, fortune and even wealth are window dressing. Living with integrity and standing for something has a lasting impact on the people you will touch in this lifetime. Go out and grab your success but make it count for something bigger than you.

Do you believe? What are you doing about it? Share boldly in the comments.


Andrew said...


I like simple formulas.

Although I do not believe that there is a one size fits all formula for success, such formulas do remind us that success is simple, as should be our approach toward it.

Your reference to many great novels being tucked away in draws etc reminded me of something I heard years ago.

Where is the wealthiest place on earth? - A cemetary. There, you will find books that were never written, songs that were never sung, ideas that were never acted upon and businesses that were never started.



Steph VanderMeulen said...

Whoa. Good post. I liked this especially: "The book deal, promotion, award, appearance on Oprah, and huge check are not what will define your success. Your success begins within, when you decide you are worthy enough to have it." Well said.

If I can change my beliefs about my abilities and talent, I know I can do good things.

Thanks, Karen.

Words For Hire said...

Andrew, you raised such a good point. There is no one size fits all approach to success. This makes me very glad because that means there's room for all of us! :-) Whoo hoo!

The cemetery analogy is profound. I don't want to be one of those people with a dash between birth and death that is filled with things undone. Thank you for that powerful motivator!

Steph, I am not one of those people that walks into a room and just owns it. I admire those who have that level of confidence and it's something I'm working on too. You are a phenomenal writer who deserves a bigger platform. Remember that today! See you in the green room. :-)

Sandie Law said...

Great usual. I have startd my own business based on exactly this theory. The preparation was painful and seemed to take too long, but I believed and now it's a reality. It's all about helping better food in less time for busy families. Isn't the template great? Mike Templeton (@miketempleton on Twitter, did it for me.

Words For Hire said...

Sandie, I looked at your new site this morning and loved it! I mean I really loved it and immediately subscribed. Of course I then went to a meeting, worked on a press release, yada, yada and realized hours later I never commented *smacks head*! I am celebrating your success with you. It is so inspiring to see that you wanted it, went for it and now you have it. Whoo hoo!! Everyone go to Sandie's site, read, support and love her to even greater success.

jamiegrove said...

I spent years waiting for my "big break" and it never seemed to come. There was always something else getting in the way, some reason to call this moment inconvenient.

I had to get beyond the idea of the right time and simply realize that there is only now.

Now is the moment. It is all that matters.

Brett Legree said...


Good post. Great post, in fact.

We all know that this formula is solid. Many smart people won't succeed because they won't use the formula.

You need both. Belief, and preparation. In fact, I'd say that belief is the more important of the two. If you don't believe, no amount of prep will help you.

If you believe and don't prepare, you could at least wing it.

Book deal, here we come.


Words For Hire said...

Jamie, I'm glad that your time is now. :-)You have gotten out of your way and signed up for your own success. You are well on your way my friend!

Brett, you are so on fire my kilted wonder friend! I can see the success and am already rejoicing for you. You are so right with belief you own it and can wing it even if you're not quite ready. Woot! I'm dancing, celebrating and seeing nothing but great times ahead. Can and will!

Loraleigh Vance said...

What an awe inspring post. And at just the perfect time for me. I've just hit what Seth Godin calls "The Dip." (Yes, I'm taking the book on vacation with me.)

Posts like these and your kind comments on my blog are so helpful at these times.

Thanks so much again!

sexy said...