Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Inspiration

Words and Photo - Karen D. Swim

"From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another."--John 1:16, New International Version (NIV) Bible

I am painfully aware that I cannot live one day withoutGod's grace. Today I am thankful that the supply of unmerited favor is not finite. Grace has given me more than I ever deserved or could ever earn in a lifetime. The knowledge of grace bows my head in humility and fills my heart with thankfulness.

Grace enables me to look upon others with a compassion that comes from the knowledge that we are all in this race together. Imperfect creatures faced with the same 24 hours in a day to strive to be better, to do better. Grace humbly reminds me that I am not worthy to judge your perceived faults for I have many of my own. Grace encourages me to reach across the divide and extend the hand of friendship, understanding and love.

As I pour from the cup of grace, it is continually refilled from the source that will never run dry.

Yes, today I am so very thankful for grace. Are you?

P.S. I took this photo several years ago in Maui with a disposable camera. It is a triumph that my thumb does not appear in the photo, so please extend a little grace as you view it.


Ellen Wilson said...

Hi Karen,

I am very thankful for what I have. Sometimes I think I'm not as humble or giving as I could be.

I think grace gives us some release unto all of that. Grace lets us know we aren't perfect.

I don't go to church, but I like to find the unity in all religions or spiritual practices. Grace is one of the common threads that link us imperfect beings together.

Thank you for being compassionate and warm hearted. Just when I was going to bed I find your feed in my email. The special little nugget that makes me happy.

The world needs more people like you! E

Robyn McMaster said...

Karen, the best part about grace is that it comes to us as a gift. It's unexpected, freely given, and there are no strings attached. It helps me to sing a song in my heart.

Thanks for an inspiring post.

Joanna said...

Thanks for sharing your photo Karen, and some of your spirit, self and world.

Much love


Bob said...

A long time ago I heard someone describe the difference between "mercy" and "grace".

When you were kids, if you asked your mom for water, she gave you some. That's mercy.

But sometimes, she gave you kool-aide. That's grace.

Oh, and good job on the "no thumb" thing. :-)

Words For Hire said...

Ellen, I have always found you to be gracious, thankful and humble. You care so deeply and it comes through in all that you say and do. You have a tremendously big heart and a wicked sense of humor to boot! Thanks for the kind words, my face is getting hot as I blush. :-) The world would be a much better place with more E's in it. :-) (and a few Friars just to stir things up, lol).

Robyn, the beauty and truth of your words made me smile. Yes, grace is a gift and now my heart sings too! Thank you for the gracious gift of your words. You never fail to bring me joy!

Joanna, my dear friend, thank you! You are one of those that gives the gift of grace daily. I'm so thankful for you! Much love to you!

Robert, ROFL! That is a great explanation! I can always count on you to add depth and humor. LOL! I love that!