Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What Song Are You?

by Karen D. Swim

Musical notes

What song are you today? Are you a lilting melody with haunting string accompaniments, or a stately, solemn piece with a repeated bass? Perhaps, you are a symphonic harmony building to a crescendo, or a song with shifting moods and busy texture.

What song does your family hear when you greet them at the breakfast table? What song do you play when you stop at the morning coffee shop? Are you a hard driving bass line with raging guitar chords as you make your daily commute? When you arrive at the office, is your greeting Vivaldi or is it humming in angry dissonance and tortured angst?

I rose this morning a song of praise, counting my blessings and rejoicing at the start of a day. My lips dripped sweet melodies as I greeted those I encountered. The soft sweet melody rose to a resounding crescendo of CAN, WILL, BELIEVE as I reviewed my goals for the day. With the sounds of belief firmly implanted, a rising drumbeat transitions me to a heart pumping, energy charged beat that screams Let's Get It Started!

What tune are the chords of your life playing?


Anonymous said...

Woohoo, that was fun! And thaks for the link too!
It seems like the gang is in a good place this week, all standing together!

Joanna said...

Great reminder that we can chose our own song Karen. And thanks for getting my feet tapping!


Words For Hire said...

@Wendi, I'm so glad it was fun! I know it feels good that we are all moving forward and having a good time doing it!

@Joanna, Whoo hoo! Feet tapping is a great thing. I do love bringing a little joy to my friends. :-)

Brad Shorr said...

Whoa, another intriguing question, Karen. Lately for me it's been a lot of acoustic guitar, strong melodies, haunting chords. Warren Zevon -
"I want to live all alone in the desert
I want to be like Georgia O'Keeffe
I want to live on the Upper East Side
And never go down in the street."
(Splendid Isolation)
Yeah, it's been kinda like that.

Words For Hire said...

Brad, I am hearing your song, and feeling those chords. Now you have me thinking....

Andrew said...


I feel as though I should play that song or others like it more often in the mornings to get me going!

I often intend to wake up in a bright, positive upbeat mood, singing praises and giving thanks to the lord for another great day of opportunity. However, too often I find myself waking up in a negative, lethargic frame of mind.

Singing a positive tune is a wonderful idea. Personally, I just need to do it more often.



Words For Hire said...

Andrew, I can honestly tell you it works and can really change the course of your day. Starting the day with praise reminds me why I am awake and who I am serving that day. Try it and let me know how it goes for you. Cheers Andrew! Karen

Melissa Donovan said...

Oooh! This is fun. I'm going to go with "Summertime" by Sam Cooke. Have you seen Leona Lewis sing that song? Holy mackerel! It's on YouTube somewhere. Gets me all pumped up! Hahee!

My second choice is Stray Cat Strut because well, I get that way sometimes.

Melissa Donovan at Writing Forward

Words For Hire said...

Melissa, I follow Leona Lewis on Twitter. I'm sure it's not her, but still it's fun to get updates and news. :-) http://youtube.com/watch?v=FCOn4Gmj4T0

I loved Stray Cat Strut! That so totally fits you too! :)

Laurie Smith said...

Wow, was that ever a blessing for me on a kind of down day! Thanks for the YouTube link, which I am going to keep on my desktop for when I need a boost!


Words For Hire said...

Laurie I am so glad that I was used as a vessel on your behalf today, that blesses me!:-)

Anonymous said...

What song am I?

You know the game shows, when the contestant loses the big prize, and the cheesy trumpets play "Pwaap pwaap pwaaaaa"?

Some days, that's me, to a tee! ;-)

- Friar

Words For Hire said...

Friar, you're funny! LOL! See, now I thought you would have gone with the theme from Mission Impossible or Star Trek, hee, hee, hee... :-)

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