Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Red Robins, Gawking Geese and A Brand New Season

by Karen D. Swim

I walked across the room to sit on the couch with my laptop when the sight of the tree caught my eye. A robin flitted in and out of the branches now bushy and full with its red blossoms. "When did that happen" I wondered. When did the barren branches become full and vibrant? I had watched in Fall as the leaves fell and had gazed at them in winter longing for the renewal of Spring. How had I missed an event I so eagerly anticipated? What thoughts had consumed me and prevented me from noticing the delight of rebirth?

“Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes of growth, renewal, and transformation in our lives.”--Unknown

I looked beyond the tree to see what else I had missed. The mallards and geese gently floated across the pond each movement making soft ripples in the water. The grass, no longer brown was vibrant and green and a puppy leaped around in circles with glee.

I continued looking out the window drinking in the peacefulness of the day as I thought how that tree is similar to life. In our lives we can go through a barren season when nothing is blooming and winter seems to have you in her grips. We are aware of every snowy day as we hold on and push through the mountains. Yet, we sometimes miss the subtleties that alert us Spring is on the way. We awaken one day to find that it has arrived and as swiftly as the winter appeared, renewal has now arrived.

This month I endured my own winter season - the flu, the tragic death of my 27 year old nephew, medical issues with other family members, financial challenges, and on and on. Each day held the promise of Spring as we huddled together to brave the storms of winter. And as I looked out the window yesterday, I knew with certainty that my Spring had arrived too.

I could throw off the garments of winter and delight in the lightness of being unfettered. Although there are still seeds to be planted, watered and nurtured, this only heightens the joy of the new season.

If you are in your own winter season, take hope today that Spring does come. It may not arrive with a loud pronouncement and it may even be a little late, but it comes, yes it does come.

Have you endured a winter season? Are you going through one now?

Photo Courtesy of Art Poskanzer,


Ellen Wilson said...

You know, I never know what to say during loss and renewal. I'm sorry for your nephew. And I know that doesn't cut it.

Words can be so finite.

Life keeps going on,(I guess, until we die) and there is a frost and then there is warmth.

I'm glad for the spring. And I'm glad for my health. I don't have much wealth, but if I need to I can take care of people. I try anyway.

I get this picture of you looking out the window Karen.

We will find you some Crazy Chicken.


Words For Hire said...

@Ellen, I never know what to say either but the thoughts really do mean alot. Thank you. Crazy chicken, ahhh, that would be good! :-)

Joanna said...

Karen, you write such beautiful words, you've got me crying here with sadness but also happiness at finding you and knowing even if we can't meet for a while that we'll be friends... for a long time I think. Feels that way.

I'm glad you can feel some signs of spring.

Much much love


Anonymous said...

Oh, Karen, it sounds as though you've had a really rough time of it this last month. It's so easy to lose sight of the natural beauty that surrounds us when our minds are otherwise occupied with grief, worry, and illness. I think the fact that you've begun to notice it again is a good sign though, and I wish you the joy, health and the peace of mind that you most surely deserve.
Take care, my friend.

Words For Hire said...

@Joanna and @Amy, *sniffling and handing tissue*, thank you my treasured friends for kindness, caring and encouragement. I think the sad times make us even more grateful when the Spring comes. Noticing that it was here was a good sign for me. Thanks for being there for me during the roughest moments. I am so grateful to have friends like you help me even from miles and miles away. :-)