Friday, April 18, 2008

Perseverance Completes the Meal

by Karen D. Swim


The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places. ~Author Unknown

This week we have been exploring the 5 Essential P's of Business, which is my recipe for business success. We have discussed passion, purpose, promotion and personality. Our fifth and final ingredient is Perseverance, and appropriately falls on Fierce Friday.

As we stir the pot and prepare to feast on a thriving business I invite you to pull up a chair and smell the aroma. Perseverance enhances the other spices and brings out the full flavor of this recipe.

The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won't. --Henry Ward Beecher

According to Webster's, Perseverance is steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

Challenges, disappointments and obstacles are a given in business and life. You can choose to find a way through, around or over them or you can simply quit. To stand and fight through difficulty requires you to channel your inner Rocky and persevere.

Katherine Reschke made an astute comparison this week between the Wall that marathon runners hit during a race to the challenge of being in business. Having run a few marathons myself I can say that the comparison is right on target.

The wall in business may be market conditions, internal issues, barriers to growth or even naysaying family and friends. When you hit the wall remember your passion and purpose, and persevere.

When I have encountered The Wall in marathons I remember my purpose (usually raising money for a cause I care deeply about), and the long hard weeks of training that got me there and I simply refuse to quit. So far the strategy has worked for me and It will for you too.

The beauty of perseverance is that the longer you endure the stronger you become. When you fight your way through one challenge it gives you confidence and experience for the next one. You learn that you are capable of far more than you believed.

If your article has not been published, your blog has not yet hit a traffic milestone, or you have not landed that first big client, readjust your strategy if necessary but do not give up.

If you need a shot of inspiration, check out the fierce women over at The Boss of You or get a boost of living audaciously from Amy Palko. Whatever you do, don't quit!

For the five P's that will power up your writing, visit Confident Writing. Joanna did an excellent audiocast this week on the subject.

Wishing you fierceness and power!

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Joanna said...

Karen, I loved this exploration of the value of perseverance - a great way to finish off this series, and to mark fierceness Friday.

Thank you


Words For Hire said...

Joanna, thank you so much! I have met that wall so often that I have started carrying my own jackhammer. I'm glad you're on the road to recovery and I am wishing you extra fierceness today!



Ellen Wilson said...

Hey thanks for the fierce Friday pep talk, having just got back from the tax accountant and it wasn't what we expected. Walls upon walls. We have to keep going, what else is there?

Words For Hire said...

@Ellen, sometimes there is no other way other than take a deep breath and just keep moving forward. I wish they'd eliminate the whole complicated tax system and switch to a sales tax, at least we could control our own tax burden. If you get tired, you can lean on me to the finish line. :)


Anonymous said...
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Lillie Ammann said...

I appreciate your excellent series on the Ps. Perseverance is certainly important. My mother used to call it stick-to-it-iveness, and I always remember we have to "stick to it" to succeed.

Words For Hire said...

@Lillie, thank you so much. I think we can all benefit from your mother's advice. That's a good way to remember "stick to it" to succeed. Thanks so much for sharing it!


Damien Riley said...

Karen: Pleased to meet you. I came here through your comment on my guest post at Confident Writing. Great words, thanks again. I really liked this article. It reminds me of the old adage: "Make it or die tryin'"

How Not To Write said...

*Now* I find out I've gone a Consonant Too Far? I've been following the 5 Q's all this time!

- Querulous
- Quixotic
- Quarantined
- Quenchious (admittedly of dubious origin or value)
- Quadrupedal

Seriously though, thanks for helping me stand on my own two feet, Karen! Great work!

Robbie said...

Karen, great blog post. I came to your site/blog via your page on Content Wrangler. Your testimony on the 5 P's and in particular, your discourse on Perseverance is spot on. Thanks for sharing. I'll continue to follow your blog. Cheers! - Robbie Thompson

Words For Hire said...

@ Damien, I love that quote! I also love that in spite of the obstacles I'm sure we both have faced, we've lived to tell the story! I am so glad that you stopped by and would love to have you share your insights on how that quote has manifested in your own experiences.

@HowNotToWrite Oooh, I love the Q's, sounds like the start of a guest post to me. :-) I like the other letters in the alphabet and you've got the talent to pull off Qs. :-)

@Robbie, I am so glad that you stopped by and took time to share your thoughts. I would love to hear your ideas and experiences on perseverance. One of the wonderful things about social media is the opportunity to learn from one another. Thank you again Robbie, and please don't be a stranger. :-) Cheers!


Robbie said...

1 John 4:18 definitely captures the "Passion" pillar of the 5 P's that you laid out for me in life on all fronts. Being fearless is an everyday challenge but also, 90% of what it takes to be successful.

Words For Hire said...

@Robbie, yes you are so right but then that is the ultimate instruction manual. :-) My favorite business mentor is Joseph. Hmmmm.. now that would make a great series! Talk about perseverance! I hope you'll drop in this week and offer your thoughts. I would value the discussion.



Anonymous said...

I love that you've linked me to living audaciously, Karen! Thank you so much for that, as it's given me a boost that makes perseverance seem eminently more possible.

Words For Hire said...

@Amy, you have become the fiery inspiration for living audaciously! I am ignited by your gentle nudge to claim my place by unapologetically being myself and trusting in my uniqueness. I am glad that I was able to give back to one who gives so much day in and day out.


Katherine Reschke said...

I totally agree that perseverance is a very necessary component. Even when you are working your passion, there are times and tasks that are just not so fun and cannot be outsourced. Putting your head down and just pushing through is the only way.

Words For Hire said...

Katherine, you are so right. Sometimes gutting it out is the only way to get through. We put one foot in front of the other until we reach the destination. For the really difficult tasks, it does help to have others cheering on the sidelines. :)