Thursday, March 13, 2008

Billy Crystal Swings Away With Yankees

There's so much negative news that this is a story I really enjoyed. Billy Crystal, famous actor and comedian had the opportunity to suit up and play with the Yankees for his 60th birthday. For the lifelong Yankees fan it was a dream come true. Whether you are a baseball fan or not, we can all relate to having a dream and the exuberance of being able to realize it. As children we dream big and often believing it all to be possible. Only a small percentage of adults hold on to that and relentlessly turn their dreams into reality. We smile as we listen to children dream big, adoring their innocence while we internally tune into "reality." Today, let go of the limitations you've placed on your adult self. Dream big without self-censure. By failing to dream big, you may just be missing your turn at bat!


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