Saturday, March 29, 2008

Social Media Bum Rush

by Karen D. Swim

Happy Saturday! I am sitting here with a red nose, and a box of tissue trying to recover from a nasty cold. The Queen of Fierce (QOF) has crowned me the Princess of Fierce but today my tiara is feeling a little crooked. How sick am I? Well, my brother tells me that when he tried to explain cold medicines to me yesterday (asking if I had any) I burst into tears declaring, "I don't have any of those things, what do you think I am a magician!" Yea, makes no sense to me today either. So, today shaky but without a fever, I'd like to tell you why you need to head right on over to and buy The Age of Conversation.

The Marketing Fresh Peel and Age of Conversation organizers are trying to drive massive sales today, March 29th.

Since I'm still a little shaky, allow me to share Joanna Young's great description of the book:

"The Age Of Conversation is a collaborative project written by over 100 writers and bloggers on the topic of the 'age of conversation'. Each chapter is short and easy to read, with lots of ideas both theoretical and practical on marketing, blogging, social media and the power of the internet to make human connections."

Other reasons to buy:

  • All proceeds from the book benefit a children's charity, Variety.
  • The Queen of Fierce contributed to the book with The Two-step of Conversational Writing
  • You'll learn from an amazing line-up of talent and feel good about your purchase

Helping children, great content and the Queen of Fierce, enough said. So, please buy the book and tell a friend. By the way, the link above which can also be found over at Drew's Marketing Minute is the preferred link as they make extra money when you use it.

Have a great Saturday!


I am the I am that I am. said...

I bow before thee, Queen of Fierce, Queen of Queens!

Thank you for sharing this with linkedinpowerwomen. You are a blessing to us. Your creativity, generosity, vitality, and life -- red nose, tissue, tears and all! -- are gifts that lift us all up.

I am so happy to know you!


Words For Hire said...

@ Maya Coming from such a great talent I am dancing from your compliment. Your support has truly blessed me and your incredible gifts have inspired me to reach past my boundaries. I am happy to know you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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