Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Importance Of Managing Relationships In Sales

I always enjoy Online Spin but this post (click read more below for full post) really resonated with me. I have written on the topic of authenticity in the past and I am passionate about spreading the message. Shifting our thinking from "what can I get" to "what can I give" has the power to transform the way we do business. Stop for a moment and consider how would your marketing message change if your sole goal was to give something to your customers with nothing to be gained in return? One of the reasons that "sales" has such negative connotations is because it is viewed as a one way attempt to manipulate you into a purchase decision. Authentic sales is creating a relationship, uncovering needs and providing solutions. If you're in business you obviously beleive that you have something valuable to offer. Why not market from that perspective? What do you have to give and why it is important?

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