Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

by Karen D. Swim

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you're all enjoying a good day. I woke up to sunlight streaming through the window which was a nice change from the recent snowstorm. After a scary encounter with all of the clothes in my closet I managed to make it to church on time. In honor of the day, I thought I'd share this poem with you. Wherever you are I truly hope that your day is filled with warmth and love. Have a wonderful Easter!

John G. Neihardt

ONCE more the northbound Wonder
Brings back the goose and crane,
Prophetic Sons of Thunder,
Apostles of the Rain.

In many a battling river
The broken gorges boom;
Behold, the Mighty Giver
Emerges from the tomb!

Now robins chant the story
Of how the wintry sward
Is litten with the glory
Of the Angel of the Lord.

His countenance is lightning
And still His robe is snow,
As when the dawn was brightening
Two thousand years ago.

O who can be a stranger
To what has come to pass?
The Pity of the Manger
Is mighty in the grass!

Undaunted by Decembers,
The sap is faithful yet.
The giving Earth remembers,
And only men forget.

Photo Credit: handcanons, Flickr


ellen said...

Hi Karen,

I tried to post yesterday to wish you happy Easter, but for some reason the Net was acting wacky.

Anyway, my new site is up and running! I created my first post with you in mind.


Words For Hire said...

@Ellen, Happy Easter! I've been anxiously awaiting your site reveal so will head over there right now!