Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Sun Will Come

By Karen D. Swim

Today is a gray and dreary weather day. The kind of day when it is light enough to be daylight but dark enough that the outside lights have not yet turned off. Most of the snow piles have melted and the brown grass is now fully visible. The barren trees stand tall against the dark sky as rain gently falls.

As I sip my morning coffee, I stand in the doorway watching a light mist of rain fall from the sky. I’m tempted to work in my pj’s but I know that will hinder my productivity. I take a deep breath and muster up the memories of warm sunshine, gentle rays falling upon my face. Spring is only days away and I suppose this is winter’s swan song reminding us that soon all will be new again.

It seems like a perfect time to breathe deeply and reflect as I prepare for a new season. The beauty of spring is that dead things are revived after the harshness of the cold winter season. As spring nears, I find myself yearning to stretch myself personally and creatively. As I shake off the winter doldrums, inspiration is everywhere awaiting discovery. This week I have indulged myself with a neglected love of poetry. I have been devouring podcasts of spoken poetry and reading classic and modern poets. Below is one that seems to match my mood today.

Keep Me Fully Glad, by Rabindranath Tagore

Keep me fully glad with nothing. Only take my hand in your hand.
In the gloom of the deepening night take up my heart and play with it as you list.
Bind me close to you with nothing.
I will spread myself out at your feet and lie still. Under this clouded sky I will meet silence with silence. I will become one with the night clasping the earth in my breast.
Make my life glad with nothing.
The rains sweep the sky from end to end. Jasmines in the wet untamable wind revel in their own perfume. The cloud-hidden stars thrill in secret. Let me fill to the full my heart with nothing but my own depth of joy.

# # #

What are you doing to prepare for Spring? Are there new things in store for you? I am sure that I will be inspired by your insights, so please share.

Wishing you all sunshine (inside and out)!


Photo Credit: The beautiful photo is courtesy of the talented photographer and writer, Amy Palko, courtesy of Flickr. Do stop by Amy's blog, you will be delighted you did!


Joanna Young said...

Isn't connectivity fantastic? Here am I, in Edinburgh, reading your words from the depths of your winter, and looking at a picture Amy took some 40 miles away!

Poetry is special to me too. I'd kind of forgotten how much until I wrote my piece on sources of writing inspiration, and realised how many of the really important pieces of writing were poems.

Spring is springing here Karen, and I'm sure it soon will be with you.


Words For Hire said...

@Joanna, the connectivity is amazing and in itself quite poetic. The internet has certainly made the world a smaller place where we can reach out and gain from the lives, and experiences of others. I love it! Ah, there is hope for us here that Spring will come, thank you for the reminder. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for using the photo, Karen! I'm so glad you liked it :-)
Perhaps not surprisingly, the way I'm preparing for the changing of the seasons is to document it with my camera. It means that I'm far more attentive to all the minor changes which add up to the major seasonal shift from Winter to Spring. It's the first time I've done this and I'm discovering that there are so many small signs that I've spent years overlooking. Carrying my camera and actively looking for the changes, has radically altered the way I engage with my environment and the passing of time.
Oh, and thank you for the poem. I just loved it!

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